Welcome to the Junior Blades Ice Skating Club.

We are here to help you have fun, keep fit & healthy, focused and disciplined and to one day realise your dreams to become a champion ice skater. To represent your country and compete at the Olympic games with the best in the world.

We all have to start somewhere and the best way to learn to ice skate is by joining a club and enjoying the friendship of group lessons.

Junior Blades Ice Skating Club teaches all skaters, under the age of 18, the basics of learning to skate the correct way by our professional coaches with assistance from Western Province senior skaters.

Follow the menu above to find out more about our club and what it takes to make it as an ice skater.

See the “JOIN” tab to view pricing and fill in your online application form.

Your printed membership application form will be available at the meeting. Remember to bring along certified ID documents and cash.


With the scary things happening around us all nowadays, we would like to urge parents to please be responsible for their children’s well being and safety in and around the ice rink.